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All American Pool builds the highest quality pools available using the very best equipment money can buy.


Whether your pool buying decision includes a Viking fiberglass shell or one of two types of vinyl lined wall pools (steel or polymer), you won’t go wrong.

All American Pool offers complete backyard packages from a basic pool to a complete back yard paradise including spas, landscaping, hardscapes and fencing.

At All American Pool, we take pride in our workmanship and the quality of our brands.


In Ground vinyl pools are typically reinforced steel or other material wall pools with vinyl-liners inside the walls. There are a wide variety of pre-fabricated shapes of vinyl liner pools, some types are so flexible that almost any custom design is possible.

Vinyl liners come in many patterns as well from the single color or fancy design. These pools can usually be installed quicker than concrete pools.


Built-in pools are typically one-piece fiberglass shells that are manufactured off site and shipped to the pool site. Once the hole is dug and leveled, the fiberglass pool is placed into the hole.

Installation is usually quicker than other types of pools, although similar to vinyl installs.


In-ground spas are installed just like their fiberglass pools, and can be used in conjunction with the pool, or you can just incorporate it as the focal point of your very own back yard retreat!

They are safe, efficient and easy to maintain with an electric cover that opens by key switch.


Electric covers can be used on most new and existing pools, with newer technologies on the market the once troublesome and costly option, is now common place in the industry; do their safety and efficiency electric covers are a great way to go!

Mesh safety covers provide a safe winter alternative to the electric cover (All American Pool does not recommend using an electric cover for a winter cover in this part of the country!) and for those pools with no cover at all. Mesh safety covers can last for over 20 years so they pay for themselves in longevity and peace of mind.